• Maher Terminals
    Maher Terminals

    MAHER TERMINALS operates a large scale Automated Gate solution by CERTUS Port Automation, consisting of multiple line scan OCR systems, the container empty check solution as well as having equipped 60+ Gate lanes with driver…

  • Abu Dhabi Terminal
    Abu Dhabi Terminal

    ABU DHABI TERMINAL operates the Automated Gate solution, as well as Crane OCR in combination with a Position Detection System deployed by CERTUS Port Automation. The solution assures complete traceability of container movements…

  • Euromax Terminal
    Euromax Terminal

    The Euromax Terminal in the Port of Rotterdam is one of the most sophisticated container handling centers in the world. The project includes complete Gate Automation and Management, with pre-gate security, driver appointment, OCR,…

  • TTI Algeciras
    TTI Algeciras

    TOTAL TERMINAL INTERNATIONAL - ALGECIRAS has been operating the CERTUS Gate Operating System for years, which integrates the CERTUS Automated Gate Solution, Crane OCR and container Position Detection Systems. The combined solution…


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